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Zinc Gold

Plant-based zinc from non-GMO verified, organic foods to support immune, reproductive, cognitive, gastrointestinal, and eye health.*
60 vegan capsules

Vitamin D3 Gold 1,000 IU

Bioavailable, vegan vitamin D (as cholecalciferol) from non-GMO verified, sustainable, wild-crafted lichen to support calcium absorption, bone, dental, prostate, and breast health.*
60 vegan capsules 120 vegan capsules

CoQ10 Gold 100 mg

World's purest, most-researched, yeast-fermented, bioidentical coenzyme Q10 to support cellular energy, cardiovascular and cognitive functions, and healthy aging.*
60 softgels 120 softgels

Milk Thistle Gold

Non-GMO verified, most clinically-studied, organic milk thistle extract from Europe standardized to 80% silymarin to support liver detoxification and antioxidant defense for healthy liver function.*
90 organic capsules

Men’s Multi Gold

Synergistic formulation of plant-based nutrients from organic, non-GMO foods to support men's health. Unique formula featuring the clinically-proven and powerful Solarplast® for enhanced antioxidant and healthy aging benefits.
90 vegan capsules

Fenugreek Gold

Non-GMO verified, organic, full-spectrum fenugreek seed powder to support healthy glucose balance, lactation, and post-natal health.*
120 organic capsules

Ginkgo Biloba Gold

Non-GMO verified, certified organic Ginkgo leaf extract standardized to ginkgoflavonglycosides and terpene lactones using a chemical-free process to support cognitive, heart, eye and circulatory health.*
90 vegan capsules

Amla Gold

Non-GMO verified, organic amla fruit standardized to vitamin C and tannins to support immune, heart, eye, liver, skin, and digestive health.*
90 organic capsules

Hawthorn Gold

Non-GMO verified, clinically-proven hawthorn extract from Europe standardized to flavonoids to support cardiac muscle tone, blood vessel integrity, and healthy circulation.*
90 vegan capsules

St. John's Wort Gold

Non-GMO verified, non-habit forming, wild-crafted, organic St. John's wort extract from Europe standardized to bioavailable hypericins and clinically-proven to support positive mood, calmness, relaxation, and overall emotional wellness.*
90 organic capsules

Bacopa Gold

Non-GMO verified, organic Bacopa extract standardized to bacosides to support attention, focus, learning, memory, and emotional wellness.*
90 organic capsules

Gymnema Gold

Non-GMO verified, organic Gymnema extract standardized to gymnemic acids to suppress sugar cravings and help maintain healthy sugar levels already within the normal range.*
90 organic capsules

Glucomannan Gold

Non-GMO verified, fiber-rich konjac root powder from Japan to support digestive, heart, glucose, and gut health.*
120 vegan capsules