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How to Know What Supplements to Take?

Published by Diane 'V' Capaldi headshotDiane 'V' Capaldi on

"What supplements do you take?" is probably the most common question I get asked by many. I have to admit it has been an evolution filled with tons of education. Today I work directly with a naturopath to decide what to take based on testing and conversations around my health and wellbeing.

I have been taking supplements since my 20s. Living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) since the age of 23 created a strong sense of need to supplement my diet, which initially led me to start taking a multivitamin, fish oil, and vitamins D and C. I took these based on advice from my then-in-laws who were both doctors, which is sad, but true.

I never had a western medicine doctor recommend supplements. They tend to only recommended pharmaceuticals for any and all treatments of MS, Hashimoto’s, and Epstein Barr. It was not until I started bio-hacking and living in the functional medicine world that supplements were prescribed to me based on exactly what tests where showing, and on my body’s “conversations” with me.

I follow The Wahls Protocol for the foundation of my eating, which is basically a modified form of the Paleo lifestyle. It includes 9 cups of fruits and vegetables. Today I follow the core principles of the protocol, although a bio-hacked version.

Opened capsule of an herbal supplement

As my consciousness regarding diet and lifestyle grew, I went to Dr. Wahls's first in-person seminar where she shared what supplements she took, and I simply mirrored them. We both share MS and I thought what worked for her would work for me. I later learned this not to be true because we are all different and our bodies need different supplements at varying times.

Fast-forward a little and I began working with functional medicine expert Dr. Will Cole and, for the first time in my life, blood work and saliva studies were used to see exactly where I was and what I needed. We are not talking the standard CBC tests, friends. Dr. Cole measured hormones, inflammation markers, and so much more. I learned more from these tests about my body than I ever imagined we could find out. Together with the test results in hand, we created a supplement list based on exactly where my body was at that time.

NutriGold's packaging lists all ingredients with complete transparency

Even though I was now getting closer to knowing exactly what my body needed supplement-wise, I was still not educated on how to purchase the proper supplements. I thought I knew, but found out I was dead wrong, and this opened me up to a new level of consciousness in my healing journey.

A few years ago, I attended ShiftCon, which is an eco-bloggers trade show where we learn how best to share our message in an effort to make the world a better place. I attended a talk on supplements and quickly realized I had no idea how to purchase a supplement to support my best life. I learned that reading the labels without checking the ingredients is a huge no-no, just like with food. Prior to ShiftCon, I had never read the ingredient list of a single supplement I took. Soon after, I found out most of the products I was taking were synthetic and filled with gluten and things I had no idea how to read or pronounce.

It was this realization that led me to NutriGold products. They set the gold standard when it comes to supplements and I am proud to be an ambassador sharing their line with confidence. I love reading the labels of NutriGold’s supplements because they include ingredients that are truly whole-food-based.

In addition, the line is third-party tested and not filled with anything that does not support my best life. For the first time in my life, I realized the supplements I take matter — not only based on what my body needs, but also on how they are made and where they come from.

Together with my functional medicine team, I continue to bio-hack my best life, adjusting supplement support as needed. I trust NutriGold and have faith that I am giving my body the gold standard in supplements every day.

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