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Double Strength Omega-3 Fish Oil Featured by Total Shape

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Total Shape, a popular fitness and bodybuilding site, has featured our Double Strength Omega-3 Fish Oil in their article titled The Best Fish Oil for Bodybuilding: Omega-3 Buyer's Guide.

According to Total Shape, the article involved 143 hours of intensive research and considered 39 different omega-3 supplements. Ours finished in 1st place thanks to its 5-star IFOS rating, positive consumer reviews regarding absorption, and exclusion of common food allergens — a key characteristic of most NutriGold supplements.

Beside the obvious pros, the writer does mention one con, stating that our product is “one of the stronger smelling options.” To be fair, the natural smell of omega-3 fish oil may be more noticeable in products like ours because we do not use any flavors to mask the taste or smell. Understandably, some might consider this a downside. However, we feel it is important to avoid altering ingredients with unnecessary additives. The popularity of our Double Strength Omega-3 and Triple Strength Omega-3 fish oils indicates that many consumers agree.

As we are a small, family-owned brand, our products typically play the role of “industry's best-kept secret” and don't often make it into the spotlight. We're pleased to see our fish oils being given some well-deserved attention, and we appreciate Total Shape's thoughtful, unbiased review!

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